Dental implant (Oral surgery)

Dental implants are one of the most common methods of tooth replacement. Dental implants are a very reliable type of tooth replacement that both looks and feels like a real tooth. Dental implants provide a permanent solution if you need to replace a single tooth, or multiple teeth, in different areas. If taken care of, dental implants can last you a lifetime. The process of placing your dental implant can be somewhat lengthy. It begins with the replacement of your tooth’s root with metal screws, which will be used as an anchor for the false tooth placed on top. Once the screws have been put into place, you will need to allow the implant to heal for a few months, during which time, the implant becomes securely fused to your jawbone. Once the implant has healed completely, a dental crown will be placed on top and secured.Dental implants are made of titanium “roots” permanently fused to your jawbone, much like natural teeth, but strong metal rather than bone. They’re capable of biting and chewing but won’t fall out, unlike dentures, so you get the same comfort and function as with natural teeth. Plus, you’ll smile brighter than ever because the crowns of implants can be matched to the staining and natural appearance of your teeth.

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